Pegasus Space Program

Last updated: 5/15/2019


Pegasus Space Program is a student-led smallsat program with the goal of training a small team in how to work with smallsat parts and bringing satellites down from a government feat to a technology sector that can be accessed by anyone. The program is split into 3 phase; phase one tackles how to make something that can survive the perils of space by making a small external weather balloon payload. Phase two is getting proper funding for the third phase. This includes both money, but also human and technological resources. The third and final phase is made up of the actual cubesat research and assembly. The final cubesat will be a 6U (10x20x30cm) Cubesat with a Helium-3 Detector mounted to the exterior. It will then orbit the moon in a highly elliptical orbit to allow for a large scan of the surface.

Meeting Time

After TW meetings on Fridays

General Focus Areas

Programming, prototype design, 2D design, 3D CAD design, finance/money handling, soldering, product design/development, PCB design, PCB construction/population, Metal CNC work, general mechanical construction, electrical design and production, marketing


If you want to learn more about the project, come to one of our project meetings or contact Bengt Symstad ([email protected]).