Last updated: 5/12/2019


Artificial intelligence has become a prominent feature in several industries, spanning from manufacturing and robotics to healthcare and economics. With the sudden interest spike in AI over the last few years, it is clear that artificial intelligence will play a vital role in the future of human civilization. NOVA gives students the opportunity to learn about AI and deep learning through hands-on experience with robotics, neural networks, and web development. The project has three main components: assembling the hardware of NOVA, training the neural network, and deploying the neural network. As a member of this project, you will work on training and deploying a convolutional neural network that will identify the sex of a person in a group through audio cues using the NOVA robot.

Meeting Time

Thursdays, 1:00 - 6:00 PM, Keller 2-160

General Focus Areas

Arduino Python; TensorFlow, Google Inception, Flask Neural Networks Deep learning Processing IDE


If you want to learn more about the project, come to one of our project meetings or contact Rohit Sharma ([email protected]).