Last updated: 10/10/2018


Mobineo, a combination of the words of mobile and the Swahili word for land, is a holistic platform that combines a GPS module, app, website, database, and training service to standardize and streamline land surveying, purchasing, and management. We're currently focusing on Kenya because of its robust mobile banking infrastructure and the strong correlation between land rights and social issues, but we intend to expand to other East African countries after release. Land ownership is recorded on physical documents known as title deeds. Inefficiency and corruption can make it difficult to obtain accurate and recognized proof of land ownership. Unauthorized alterations to land records and land conflicts make it difficult to sustain land ownership, while in particular women are frequently denied their constitutional right to land. Due to the high level of risks and challenges posed by land record mismanagement, it is vital to digitalize land records in order to effectively reduce land transaction malpractices and transaction costs. Mobineo’s technology provides an innovative, lasting platform for government land surveyors to accurately document land ownership claims. Our Plan: Hardware A mass-producible, low-cost GPS to be used alongside Mobineo’s software Software A database, an app for land surveyors, a web application for the land ministry, and a text-based system for landowners Business An organizational structure and business model that can implement a project with international potential

Meeting Time

Sundays 2:30 - 4:30 at Keller Hall

General Focus Areas

Programming (Javascript, HTML, CSS, Java, Angular JS, mySQL, etc.), Product Design, Signal Processing, Writing, Finance, Economics, Research, Circuits, and 3D modeling.


If you want to learn more about the project, come to one of our project meetings or contact Kate Kuehl ([email protected]).