Guild of Robotic Artisans

Last updated: 4/16/2018


Using machine learning, and image processing, our team is creating a robot that can draw and paint in a humanistic way. In the future we hope to create a product that will vastly reduce the cost of art, so anyone can enjoy creative pieces of artwork in their home. We are sick and tired of seeing artwork sell for such obscenely high prices to the ultra rich. We want everyone to be able to appreciate art.

Meeting Time

Sunday from 11:30-1pm and Monday from 6-7pm in Exceed Lab, Keller 2-160. Occasionally I will have an impromptu meeting that I share on slack.

General Focus Areas

Python, Machine Learning/AI, Art and Design, Image Processing, and Robotics.


If you want to learn more about the project, come to one of our project meetings or contact Max Omdal ([email protected]).