Advanced Aerostat Project

Last updated: 3/4/2019


Our main mission is to have fun and learn by building things ourselves! Our current focus is on latex weather balloons where we are working on a cheap reusable long term balloon system designed to reduce the cost of near space research. We are doing this by building a system to achieve a balance between the lifting force and the gravitational force on the balloon at a specific altitude autonomously. This is the first step in a long term plan to create a ultra-long term launch platform reusable that will outperform the current options available to scientists. We build most of our systems from scratch with a hands on prototype driven approach with a diverse group of majors. We also have our own website that can be found at:

Meeting Time

Wednesdays at 5 pm and Sundays at 11 am in Anderson Labs, Mechanical Engineering building room 2-134

General Focus Areas

Programming C Circuit board design Telemetrics Process Design


If you want to learn more about the project, come to one of our project meetings or contact Callen Shutts ([email protected]).