Tesla Works

Tesla Works’ nine Officers are elected by the general membership. They work together to keep Tesla Works functioning both within the community on campus and the public around the Twin Cities. Officers hold weekly meetings to discuss projects, events, and policies. They hold outreach events at different places not exactly affiliated with the University like The Works Museum and some of our projects like Light Show extend Tesla Works’ footprint beyond campus.

The president defines and develops the group's core services, especially new ones. They help other officers understand and complete their responsiblities and offers constructive feedback to group leadership.

Nick Knudsen


The vice president assists the president in fulfilling their responsibilities, records and maintains the history of the group, defines an aspect of the group to reform and takes action to achieve it, and is primarily responsible, but not liable for, the group's saftey procedures.

Avi Limer

Vice President

The secretary defines and develops the group's operating prcedures, keeps meeting minutes, updates To-Do's, and prompts progress weekly. The secretary also maintains the group's constitution and bylaws.



The treasurer keeps track of group finances, budget, and overall financial operations. Additionally, they oversee grant appilcations, fundraising, and maintainance of 501(c)(3) status and taxes.

Meredith Shipp


The purchasing manager is responsible for the purchases of the group. They communicate with project managers about orders and communicate with the treasurer to maintin up-to-date financial documentation.

Hao Lin

Purchasing Manager

The project director works to guide projects through their full life cycle. They keep track of the needs and status of all ongoing projects and aids however they can. Additionally, they manage project update forms and help organize the fall and spring project showcases.

Jordan Stahl

Project Director

The outreach coordinator oversees the organization of all general Tesla Works meetings and outreach events. They seek to collaborate with other groups and assist the communciation director with advertising and recuritment. Additionally, they maintain completed projects for demonstration purposes.

Nathan Hafey

Outreach Coordinator

The communications director is responsible for the group's recruitment and branding, as well as the group's internal and external communications.


Communications Director

The friday night project manager is responsible for planning and organizing all Friday Night Projects. They also actively try to recruit new members through building and teaching. Additionally, they are responsible for teaching members safety practices and technical skills.

Dominic Voto

FNP Manager

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