Hyper Loop Team


The hyperloop is a conceptual transportation system that would revolutionize high-speed transportation. The first designs for the hyperloop were produced by Elon Musk and SpaceX engineers who released an alpha design document in 2013. The hyperloop uses a rail gun-like propulsion system to propel passenger pods at near-sonic speeds through a near-vacuum tube. The pods ride on on a thin film of air called an air bearing and travel through the evacuated tube with little air resistance using an onboard air compressor to move what little air remains in the tube. This Summer, SpaceX announced a competition targeted at university students to bring the project to life by building half-scale hyperloop pods featuring the innovative, conceptual designs laid out in the hyperloop alpha design document. We want to compete in this competition by building a University of Minnesota hyperloop pod and competing in the SpaceX hyperloop competition.

General Focus Area


This project is currently on hiatus or has been archived. For more information about this project, talk to any Officer or contact us at tesla@umn.edu