Mobineo is a technology company that has developed surveying equipment that is more precise, secure and intuitive than existing paper solutions. Global interest in property rights and access to them has grown significantly within the last two decades; what was once an obscure topic has become a cornerstone of economic development programs and a common issue of public discourse in developing nations. In some countries, 90% of land may be undocumented for reasons ranging from excessive turn-around time and bribes during the registration process to a lack of a local record office. To reduce these issues and lower overhead costs, developing nations have increasingly begun modernization programs to convert paper-based land record systems to digital formats. However, creating the digital infrastructure for a modern system is time-consuming, expensive, and technically challenging; tens to hundreds of millions of dollars may be spent in a single country alone in modernization efforts. Mobineo seeks to provide developing nations with a more affordable, out-of-the-box solution to this issue. We deliver several digital platforms that are designed to be secure and simple to use. Additionally, our products are flexible for use outside of land surveying and can gather geospatial data for commercial use. By focusing on affordability and simplicity, Mobineo hopes to provide digital mapping services to new markets and bring greater access to property rights worldwide.

General Focus Area

Programming (Javascript, HTML, CSS, Java, Angular JS, mySQL, etc.), Product Design, Signal Processing, Writing, Finance, Economics, Research, Circuits, and 3D modeling.


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