Aquarech is improving the life of fish farmers in Kenya. Many Kenyan fish farmers buy the cheapest feed available, but buying more expensive feed can have huge payoffs by increasing the yield and profit of fish farms. Aquarech is a digital system targeted at fish farmers in Kenya looking to increase their fish yields and the efficiency of their feed-to-fish conversion ratio. There are three parts to the system. An app, a thermometer for the ponds, and a website for the feed producer to process orders. The app is designed for farmers to be able to input relevant data, on a daily basis, about the conditions of their fish ponds, relative mortality rates and profit gains. The farmers can then track these indicators and receive personalized recommendations for the feeding schedule of the fish. The digital thermometer connects by Bluetooth to the app to give feed recommendations based on water temperature and the feed fulfillment website helps the fish feed factory fulfill these orders.

General Focus Area

CAD design, PCB design, circuit design, app/website programming


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