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Project Application Form

This is for anyone who wants to start a new project with Tesla Works. It’s quite easy, and all new projects are welcome.

Purchasing Requests

Projects can request funding directly from Tesla Works. Project Managers should use this form to submit purchasing requests to the Board of Officers.

Project Meeting Calendar

This is a calendar with the meeting times and locations for all projects. Anyone is welcome to attend any project meeting.

Accessing Exceed

Go here if you want to request access to the Exceed labs located in Keller 2-160 and 2-164.

Accessing MechE 2-134

For access to the new Student Design Lab in Mechhanical Engineering 2-134, go here.

Google Photos

Access all of Tesla Work's photo albums from this document.

Project Playbook, Part I: Idea

If you want to develop a project idea and get an understanding of what a Tesla Works project is, check this out!

Project Playbook, Part II: Project Proposal

Have a cool idea that you want to turn into a project? Check out this section!

Project Playbook, Part III: Managing a Project

Look at this section for tips, tricks, and resources for managing your project.

Project Playbook, Part IV: Resources

Here are various resources that your project might find useful.

Safety Response Form

If you have a safety concern, or wish to report a near-miss or safety incident, use this form.