Meeting time: Thursdays 7:15pm in Keller 2-160

Making Fire Dance to Music

We dream of making fire dance to music! Our pyroboard will consist of a hollow steel box with a hole pattern cut into the top, and propane gas and speaker inputs along the sides. The propane gas escaping through the holes at the top of the board is set on fire. Sound waves produced by the speakers alter the pressure of the propane within the board, causing the flame heights to react on top of the board, thus creating a 3-dimensional visualization of sound waves using fire.

Progress made

Steel for the body of the pyroboard and the angle iron frame has been laser cut and filed, and an amplifier carrying case has been built. Our next steps are to put the angle iron frame together and assemble the pyroboard. We would like to have a completed, functional pyroboard by April 15th, when we will be presenting at World Art Day held at Northrop.

Longterm Timeline

  • Mid March
    • Finish assembling the pyroboard
  • Late March
    • Test pyroboard and fix problems
  • April 15th
    • Present at World Art Day

Our project is good for people with an interest in wood and metal working, fluid dynamics, chemistry, product design, and acoustics.


If you want to learn more about the project, come to one of our project meetings, or join the team, contact Elizabeth Keznoff (