Pneumatic Payload Propeller

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T-Shirt Cannon

Air cannons are fun. You can launch shirts, potatoes, burritos, etc. However, the design hasn't changed in years: a pressurized tank connected to a valve and a barrel. We want to make the most advanced air cannons that we can build, specifically:

  • Powered by a spring+piston so it can be fired without having to wait
  • Loaded via shell+hopper/magazine to speed up loading and to allow for specialized rounds
  • Shoulder mounted with handle, pump grip, and trigger for superior ergonomics
  • Able to load a variety of fun payloads (shirts, nets, candy clusters, plungers, etc.)
  • Cycles with a single pump for speedy delivery of payload (ejects old shell, compresses spring, and loads new shell)

Initial Goal

Our initial goal is the propulsion mechanism (spring+piston). This is the only thing that separates this project from another run-of-the-mill air cannon with a gimmick, and a new device in its own right. Additionally, since the mechanism is a closed system, it will be easier to perfect than the loading system (which introduces foreign shells for every shot).


If you want to learn more about the project, come to one of our project meetings, or join the team, contact Matthew Nemeth (