Guild of Robotic Artisans

Meeting time: Sundays 1:00pm in Keller 2-164

Robots Making Art

The Guild of Robotic Artisans strives to create art in a fashion humans cannot by using fully automated robot arms. We are geared toward the competition on April 15th and the CSE Expo on April 19th.

Progress made
We have purchased two Kawasaki industrial robot arms, assembled a couple 3D printed arms for prototyping, and have a path planner/image processor/Gcoder complete in a basic form.

Our next major goal is to produce our first piece of art by a teleoperated arm, and then proceed to producing our first fully automated piece of art.

Longterm Timeline

  • April 15th:
    • Present at World Art Day
    • competition submission deadline
  • April 19th:
    • Bay Area Maker Faire
  • Eventually
    • Start a business to sell our art

Our project is good for people with an interest in programming (C++, python, arduino), artificial intelligence, robotic arm control, artistic development, and microcontroller interfacing.


If you want to learn more about the project, come to one of our project meetings, or join the team, contact Harsha Kethineni (