About Tesla Works

Founded on the idea of giving students the opportunity to turn classroom knowledge into real-world experiences, Tesla Works is proud to offer University of Minnesota students from any discipline the resources to bring project ideas to reality. The first members set out to understand and produce the unfinished patents of famous inventor Nikola Tesla, dubbing the student group “Nikola Tesla Patent Producers,” or NTP2. Since its creation in the fall of 2010 and subsequent rebranding in the spring of 2012, Tesla Works has quickly grown to be one of the most dynamic student groups in the College of Science and Engineering, hosting students from nearly every college on the Twin Cities campus. The collaborative efforts of these students have produced over 50 projects in the last five years, some of which involve the larger University community and beyond.

As part of our mission, we offer any University of Minnesota student the chance to design and execute their own project by providing funding, technical training, and connections to other interested students. Additionally, in partnership with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering , we are proud to give our members access to the Exceed Lab, two 500-square-foot student workspaces that function as a machine shop and an electronics lab.

For members who are not looking to start a project, there are still many ways students can get involved with Tesla Works. Following our weekly Friday night meetings, STEM-focused Friday Night Projects are prepared in which all members are welcome to participate. Through their unique casual atmosphere and scaled time frame, these projects allow members to enhance their technical capacity and meet with other maker students in the University. Still, other members participate in outreach events or simply offer their skills to projects looking for more support. In whatever capacity students decide to engage, we welcome any and all interested makers to Tesla Works.